I love Amel Larrieux.  She has that Mezzo Soprano voice that I soo connect with, and she takes me on a vocal journey, hitting the highs and the lows.  I was fortunate enough to see her live at BB Kings in NYC, and I am anxiously waiting for a new album.
2000 Freshman solo album, Inifinite Possiblities, Amel gave an abundance of love ballads, a few that are just wedding worthy... sniffle, sniffle..                                                                                                         
- Make Me Whole (insert wedding song) Makes Me Whole snippet..                            
- Sweet Misery, which is acknowledges the trust issues a woman may have to open up her guard and love again...Love to sing this song!!!     Sweet Misery snippet..    
The 2004 sophmore album Bravebird is probably my favorite!  Her lyrics are a bit off, but all have a quirky deep meaning.      

 - For Real - A true lover's call to say just how meaningful our love is... Song, For Real

- Bravebird - Video below, has just a great electric energy that just gets you moving...

- Earn My Affections  Earn My Affection - Full Song!

Jazzy, and artistic.  Love singing this song!

Enjoy!! ooxo    

Get Up  Get Up Snippet..

Christina Aguilera's new album "Bionic" has about a 50/50 chance with her songs, meaning, half is good, half is bad.  A year ago, when I saw her in an interview she stated how different the album is going to be, touching upon many different realms of music.   I thought finally, an album that will touch all genres, but I would say that's not true.  It definitely touches the pop, the ballads, and electronic/hip-hop genres.

The song "Elastic Love" definitely has a MIA vibe to it, as she wrote the song, and performs in it as well.  It is definitely one of my favorites on the album, and Christina's voice isn't as noticeable.  In this album she has definitely disguised her voice by using different vocal techniques.  The other song's that I recommend are:
  • Woo Hoo ft. Nicki Minaj - sexually charged, but poppy/cute, and catchy
  • Lift Me Up    
  • You Lost Me
  • Monday Morning - reminds me vocally of the group "the Sundays"
  • Bionic


 Santigold a.k.a Santogold   

I first heard "Your Voice" about three years ago on the t.v. show, "So You Think You Can Dance", and that was all she wrote!  Her voice and style pull you in, touching a few different genres:  a reggae, euro-pop, neo-soulish/rap, punk, indie vibe.  Santigold is super different, and I love her!

This video above is "Your Voice", which is the first song that I loved from her.  Then the research began.  Loving the hit songs from her 2008 self titled album, Santogold:
  • Creator, 
  • Say Aha, 
  • Shove it, L.E.S. Artistes, 
  • Starstruck, which is in video below. 
    (Video is not of actual artist)


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