June 16, 2010

Haight & Ashbury Street Fair

Give peace a chance.  That's what this part of San Francisco has been about from the early 60's, and it still is, just not as strong.  But the passerby's were socially respectful, and happily promoting unity and peace.

The 2nd weekend of June, it hosted a bunch of street vendors such as:  Graphic  T-Shirt companies, tons of handbag designers in leather and fabric, marijuana stands, and glass designs as pictured.

The food was boring!  It was a monotonous line of skewered chicken or pork, garlic noodles, and french fries, with an occasional burrito or rice bowl.  The bands were in a battle of the bands contest to have the opportunity to perform on the two stages provided, and most were just music, with no lyrical substance, which actually was ok, because it accompanied you as you strolled throughout the street.  All and all, it was a pretty laid back atmosphere, great weather, and a nice opportunity to use my brand new Canon Rebel camera.
                                Love Bus by Johnny Chan

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