June 28, 2010

Summer Kids

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Either my biological clock is really ticking or I am longing to be a kid again!  Oh the day's which I remember not ever having to think about a job, having my birthday money go to a bill, or my check to rent, and to just simply ride my bike 'til the street light's were lit.  The free time to think, let alone do art's and craft's projects, and how our creative minds were aloud to meander through the years.  As we became adult's, the spare room in our minds for our creative outlets may be hindered by our 40+ hour a week job if it does not include any creative relevance at all!  I remember sitting on my driveway when I was 7, drawing, not having a care in the world!  If I were to do that now, I would be plagued with guilt, as I have a laundry list, (literally), of household chores to do, let alone, thinking about work.   

Yes, my biological clock as well is ticking!  I am at an age where women are probably finished with  having kids, but these days women are driven for success, and with fewer marriage minded men out their, it make's it difficult for women to think about a family.  No, I shouldn't blame men for this problem, as we have all been caught up in this world of go, go, go, and what's new, now, now, now.  It has left people wondering if I marry this one, am I going to miss out on that one?

Can you tell I want a daughter? Ha Ha!  There is one picture of a boy drumming, (ironically he has long hair), but of course I would love to have both a boy and a girl! 

Just wanted to share these cute little kiddo's...oh, and bottom line, use your creative mind!  Don't lose your artistic side! Give yourself some free time to explore it, and you will find how it can bring a bit of joy into your life!

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