June 17, 2010


Originating from New Jersey, Gaelle's vocals will smoothly put you in a trance.  I first learned of her as I tuned into Pandora Radio, on the artist Goapele's page.  I immediately took a liking to her voice, the mellow grooves, mixed in with a downtempo house vibe.

She is a singer/songwriter, and I can just listen on and on, not skipping over any songs.  Check her Myspace page out, http://www.myspace.com/gaelleonline
My favorites from her past albums are: Give it Back, Love You More, Falling, and Rain.
Back in 1997 she lent her voice to the dance hit "King of My Castle", which then led her to create her own albums.  She is signed to Naked Music record label, and is about to drop another album coming soon.  I am looking forward to it!

Check her out!

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