Movie Reviews

Literally, 3 chic flick's all weekend!  It was a weekend to relax, unwind, snack on some avocado salsa, and play on my conga drum.

The first chic flick was Valentine's DayValentine's Day Trailer - YouTube   The film is based around single and dating individuals who are fascinated, or distressed over such a questionable day like Valentine's Day!  There were some good parts, being that it is a 19 star cast, but I was personally disappointed.  I give it ** stars!

LeapYear Leap Year Trailer - YouTube , where Amy Adams stars as Anna, who decides to follow her father's Irish tale about women proposing to men on Leap Year.  This movie will carry you on a journey, hitting a different emotion throughout the way!  When Anna starts to really show her first moment of infatuation, she bumps her head on the way out the door.  (Insert: "Perfect funny moment" chuckle!)

50 minutes into the movie, the romance started to pick up, cooking a savory dinner together, and suddenly an uncomfortable kissing competition, trying to out shine who love's each other more through there kiss.  On their way to Dublin, there chemistry shows greatly.  It appears that he finally starts to break out of his self closed state of being, and his emotions start to show.  O' yveh!  Then the waterworks start!  Definitely a movie to watch! **** stars

The third movie was When in Rome, When in Rome Trailer where Beth (Kristen Bell) and Nick (Josh Duhamel) both are in the same wedding in Rome, Italy, and coincidentally fall for one another.  But before this all blossomed, Beth picked up three coins from the Fountain of Love which created the people who originally owned the coins to become mysteriously infatuated with her. *** stars
All photos courtesy of their movie production house.