July 13, 2010

Let's Makeup!

I am posting some of the makeup essentials that I love.  If I were to ever have my own makeup company, I wanted to name it "Let's Makeup"!  Enter:  Perfect Blog Title.  Most of these pics were listed from Sephora.  I love a one stop shop, and if you order online with them, you can get many perks!  Like free samples of cleanser, perfumes, bags, all with purchase.  You can't forget the birthday club, which is an extra treat to look forward to on your birthday!  This year they gave out a 3pack of Sephora brand cosmetics, which was a Silver Green eyeliner, a common staple eyeshadow that brightens the eye in Aspen Summit No23, and a black mascara.  I actually like some of their products, and the price is reasonable.

I have pretty good skin, a bit dry at times, and a little sensitive, but I do not need a heavy cover for my everyday face.  Most makeup artist would gasp if they knew I wore Bare Minerals foundation, but everyone's skin takes differently to various brand's of cosmetics.  I personally feel that MAC's pressed powder compacts tend to crease, needing to be reapplied every hour.  But I do love their eyeshadows and lip glosses!  So every company has an advantage as well as a disadvantage.  Nobody is perfect!  If you are going to try Bare Escentuals, go for the gusto and buy the kits.  You will end up saving money in the long run for what you get inside the boxed kits.  They provide you with the tools (brushes & application CD), as well as a few varieties of product.  My first kit with them was the basic foundation kit.  The kit pictured is $60, and you get all of that!  Bronzer, primer, 3 brushes, mineral veil, and your basic foundation.  This can last you a few months, as some of the items you don't use as much of, or in heavy amounts.  It's a great kit!

Another purchase from BE is there Complexion Enhancer kit.  This $34 kit includes:
Well-Rested - which is great to hide dark circles, red capillaries, veins inside your nose creases, and even any discoloration throughout your face or pimples.  Faux Tan - which is to be used along the cheekbones, temples, and a bit along the hairline to create a contour effect.  You can also only just lightly dust onto your cheekbone area for a warm blush effect.  Pure Radiance is for highlighting areas, like under your eyes above the cheekbone, the mid forehead and middle of your nose, and a pat on the top of your chin, brushing upon the T-zone area of your face, which are all the areas that light naturally hits.  I loved it so much that I bought another kit they have which supplied me with three other colors, like:
Bare Radiance which is one I use always, that has a natural nude shine effect.  I dust this over my blush like Rose Radiance or other blushes, as well as the T-zone.

Warm Radiance which is a coppery color, and is great when you are wanting a bit of a sun effect or to warm up your face if you are doing say a smokey green eye.  Just a good natural color.

Rose Radiance is a soft pink, and it just sits pretty on the apples of your cheeks.

For a dewy look, I like Stila's Color Push Ups in Nude Flash AC5.  This is actually for the whole face, as I used it on the cheeks and under the bone, as well as on my eyelids.  This is great for a classic summer face, with a nice nude or hint of peach lip gloss.  This color would be pretty on most skin tones.  Now for their Lip Glaze lip glosses, a coworker and I would skip, as they leave your lips dry and flaky. 

The bronzer's I have loved are Benefit's Hoola and Sephora's Bronzer Disk, which is a nice copper/gold color.

I have received a few gifts with purchase from Clinique, as I like their skin care products, and I came upon a new found love!  Aside from their great mascara, I just love their Blushing Blush in Cupid No8.  It's well pigmented, and gives you that natural rosy effect to the apples of your cheeks, giving you that touch of femininity.  Use with a paler face, no bronzer, and maybe a glide of lilac eyeshadow and mascara. 

I can't leave out one of my favorite mascara's, which is Lancome's Definicils High Definition in black of course!    One more thing, for your skin:  DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge.  I love it!  It's an anti-oxidant glycolic acid facial cleanser which exfoliates cell buildup and residue of everyday pollutions to your skin.  I rub this on a dry face, and let it sit for a couple minutes, until I can't take the burning  sensation.  Yes I said it, but it is a burn well worth taking!   Gently rinse off with warm water, and your skin ends up feeling supple, appearing even toned and bright!

Hope these few tidbits gave you some new insight into products that you may have not used yet!  I enjoy them all and you should check them out!

 xoxo J

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  1. I have very sensitive skin that breaks out with the use of almost any product. I tried using the DERMAdocter Wrinkle and I love it. So much that I have tried other products from the DERMAdocter line. This is a great product I have to agree that it has made my skin more supple and my skin tone is bright and more even toned. Thanks Jamie!!!!