July 07, 2010

2 Days In Paris

I thought this film was great!  Yes it has been out since 2007, but thanks to Netflix, I was lucky to find it!   A Julie Delpy film, she stars alongside Adam Goldberg who plays Jack, in this sexually charged comedy, where they have two days left to kill before they go back to there everyday life in NYC.  Jack was clueless to what his next two days were going to entail, as he spent it with Marion's (Julie Delpy), family and friends in her hometown of Paris.  Jack was able to get a glance into what her life really entailed. 

This was truly a great flick!  I laughed my butt off quite a few times, and was engaged as I listened to the beautiful language of the French!


C'était un magnifique film! Allez sans doute le loyer cela!

p.s. I just read that In Feb 2010 it was announced a sequel was to be made titled 2 Days In New York. Julie will direct the sequel in Manhattan in October and I will only give you this tid-bit:
"It's about the difficulty of relationships but also about the main character's evolution in general. It's a very modern story about the complexities of being a woman and not being completely consumed by your partner," Delpy explained. Julie is aiming to have this sequel finished and ready by Cannes 2011.

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